Revival in Russia: Riga DVD

Revival in Russia: Riga DVD

On August 13 - 17, 1997, a sound was heard in Riga, Latvia, that citizens of that Eastern European city never expected to hear again: thousands of Jews and Gentiles praising the God of Israel together in a stadium filled to overflowing with hungry hearts. Over a five day period, Clearance than 25,000 people flocked to Riga's Sports Manezh to enjoy - for the first time in over 50 years - Jewish music and dance, and to hear the Good News: Messiah had come!

Thousands of people, many of them the Jewish Remnant of Holocaust atrocities staged a half-century ago, responded to the Good News of Yeshua (Jesus) the Messiah during the week-long event - and many lives were changed forever. Now you can join us for the victory celebration that satan and his hordes wished they would never hear again - and did everything in their power to silence: the sound of joyous Believers, Jews and Gentiles as one, praising the God of Israel in song and dance in Riga, Latvia.

Your heart will rejoice as you:

  • Listen to the powerful, Spirit-filled worship, led by Integrity Music's Paul Wilbur, and see the vibrant dancing of the New Jerusalem Dancers of St. Petersburg, Russia, in this, our fourth festival video release!
  • Enjoy the anointed music ministry of Robert Stearns, Maurice Sklar and Finnish recording star Viktor Klimenko.
  • Hear the simple yet powerful presentation of the Gospel in a Jewish way by Messianic Evangelist Jonathan Bernis.
  • Witness thousands of Jews, Russians and Latvians saying "yes!" to God's gift of eternal life!

1 DVD 90 Min. Run Time.