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For your total gift of $25 or more

Tzedakah Box


For centuries, Jewish families have used Tzedakah boxes to teach their children the importance of the mitzvah (commandment) of giving. Tzedakah - righteous acts of charity and mercy - is a duty and calling of God for our lives. Children would place coins in the box, and then gather them together to give to the needy. Today these boxes can be used the same way and are a vivid, visual reminder that we are to help those in need. This authentic Tzekakah box is colorfully hand painted and made in Jerusalem.

For your total gift of $50 or more

The Lost Tribes of Israel Photobook


A captivating mystery, the Lost Tribes of Israel have fascinated historians and biblical scholars for centuries. What happened to these Jewish People? Did they vanish entirely? Are they among us today, concealed and hidden? The whereabouts of the Lost Tribes has been one of the great puzzles of the ages…until recently. Join us on a journey as we reveal the ancient story of the Lost Tribes of Israel and uncover pockets of Jewish people found in surprising places all around the globe. Meet the Beta Abraham, Beta Israel, Gefat, Lemba, and Bnei Menashe. Catch a glimpse into their lives today and how Jewish Voice Ministries has come alongside them with humanitarian aid and the love of Yeshua (Jesus) the Messiah.

For your total gift of $100 or more

The Jewish Voice Bible


The Jewish Voice Bible presents the Holy Scriptures in the Tree of Life Version (TLV) with an abundance of special features to enrich your Bible reading. The TLV Bible translation unites Old and New Covenants with a consistent Hebraic perspective. It introduces important Hebrew words that clarify scriptural meaning and restores names to their original Hebrew. The Jewish Voice Bible includes such helpful tools as: 

  • Weekly Scripture readings from the Torah, Writings and Prophets, and the New Covenant 
  • Important Messianic prophecies and their fulfillments 
  • Guidance to help you lead someone to Yeshua and prayers for accepting Yeshua 
  • Shabbat prayers and blessings 
  • Overview of biblical feasts and holidays 
  • Map of 21st century Israel 
  • Key Scriptures revealing God’s ongoing covenant with Israel 
  • Hebrew word glossary and 82 artist illustrations 
  • Intercessory Prayer Guide for Israel 
  • Overview of the “Lost Tribes of Israel” 

This Bible has a duo-tone, blue leatherette cover with silver lettering matching silver-gilded pages. It measures 6.5” W by 9.375” H and fits the JVMI Bible Cover.

For your total gift of $500 or more

Lost Tribes Photobook, The Jewish Voice Bible, PLUS Shofar


This beautiful large shofar is made of a Kudu horn. The shofar is the trumpet of the Bible and was blown in Bible times to announce the beginnings of religious holidays, ceremonies, and even battle. Today, the shofar is sounded at Rosh Hashanah (the Jewish New Year) and Yom Kippur. Colors, textures, and finish vary in these natural horns but all are beautiful and fully functional. Let this special shofar serve as a conversation starter and reminder of God calling our hearts to worship Him, the God of Israel who is ever faithful.