Purim Package

Purim Package

The Spring Feasts and Purim, book

Discover what the Jewish feasts hold in store for you. In the annual Jewish feasts, God invites His people to meet with Him. In each, He reveals more of Himself in specific ways and beckons His people into a deeper understanding and awe of Him. Whether you’re a Jewish or Gentile Believer in Jesus, through The Spring Feasts and Purim, you’ll marvel at the intricate pictures of God’s redemptive plan instilled into each of His spring “appointed times,” or moadim. You’ll also see God’s faithfulness in the Purim story and His great love for those who are His. You’ll learn the history and prophetic significance of each Feast and the meaning it holds today for Believers in Yeshua. Holiday recipes will help you celebrate the spring feasts and Purim.

Appointments with God: Reflections on the Jewish Feasts, book

Appointments with God is your devotional guide through the annual Jewish feasts. It includes teachings and devotions about each of the biblical feasts as well as the traditional Jewish holidays of Purim and Chanukah. Whether you’re a Jewish or Gentile Believer in Jesus, the Jewish feasts offer opportunities to enter into God’s presence and connect with Him around themes that He chose for His people. Appointments with God provide devotions for each holiday, Scripture readings, insightful questions and designated spaces to record your thoughts. Daily devotions are also included for the week-long observances of Passover, Sukkot and Chanukah. Get ready to find deep spiritual meaning for your own life in the annual “appointments” God scheduled with His Chosen People.

God’s Plan for Israel, 2-CD set by Jonathan Bernis

In this CD teaching, Rabbi Jonathan Bernis shares God's eternal faithfulness to His Chosen People, Israel, as evidenced by the Scriptures of Romans chapters 9 through 11. Whether you use this for group Bible studies, prayer groups, or personal study, this teaching will enlighten your understanding of the role of Jewish people in God’s End-Time plan.