ISIS, Iran and Israel

Chris Mitchell”
ISIS, Iran and Israel

The Middle East is undergoing historic changes. Some call the current conditions there a “perfect storm.” ISIS, Iran, and Israel answers the questions that affect the world and your life, including:

  • How ISIS terror is spreading from the Middle East to the West
  • How the Sunni/Shiite divide may lead to a regional war
  • How Russia’s military poses a threat to Israel and echoes Ezekiel 28 and 29
  • How revival is spreading to the most unlikely places in the region
  • Why some believe the Iranian nuclear deal could lead to another nuclear era

Find out the apocalyptic agendas behind ISIS and Iran’s nuclear obsession. Discover how God is shining His hope into the darkest of places in these perilous times, and see how what happens “over there” matters to you right where you are.

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