Praying for Israel’s Destiny

James Goll
Praying for Israel’s Destiny

Today, as violence erupts fiercely across the Middle East, Believers are often told to pray for the peace of Israel. But how are we to know the will of God concerning Israel today? How do we pray effectively in the midst of so much controversy? James Goll calls readers to join the global prayer movement and intercede for God's ancient covenant people according to a targeted biblical plan. A practical yet inspiring book, “Praying for Israel's Destiny” includes biblical reasons to pray and stand for Israel, eight character models from the Scriptures to help readers carry the burden, and a strong admonition to pray for all the descendants of Abraham – the offspring of Hagar, Sarah, and Keturah, Jews and Arabs alike. “Praying for Israel's Destiny” is a journey into the heart of God for his purposes in the Middle East.