Where Are We on God's Prophetic Timeline? DVD

Where Are We on God's Prophetic Timeline? DVD

Jonathan Bernis tackles this important question along with an elite group of panelists before a live audience. Dr. Mark Hitchcock, author of “The Late, Great United States;” Jack Kinsella of the Omega Intelligence Newsletter; Olive Tree Ministries’ Jan Markell; and Middle East expert, Steve Spillman. Together, they address many of the hottest questions on the minds of Believers today:

  • Which events happening today are fulfilling End-Times prophecy?
  • How do the Middle East and “power of oil” play into the End Times of man?
  • What nation will give the world the Anti-Christ?
  • Does America have a prophetic role in the Last Days?
  • What key event must take place among the people of Israel before the Lord returns?

Where Are We on God’s Prophetic Timeline? will help you “understand the times” like the sons of Issachar in 1 Chronicles 12:32and move deeper in your relationship with the Lord.