Virtual Tour of the Temple

Dr. Randall Price
Virtual Tour of the Temple

The Temple Mount is the holiest site in Judaism and Christianity, yet if you visit it today, the Islamic Religious Trust (or Waqf) prohibits your tour from including any teaching other than from an Islamic viewpoint. Seeing the need, Dr. Price and a team from Inner-Cube Publishing in Germany traveled to Israel to produce a “virtual tour” of the Temple Mount. Using a hidden camera and microphone, the team went many times to the Temple Mount capturing video footage of Dr. Price teaching about the Temple on location.

This interactive tool was shot in 360 degree views, allowing you to navigate to any place desired around and on the Temple Mount (including the Mt. of Olives). Data points and video clips at each site teach you their history and importance. This product is unlike anything on the market, and original artistic reproductions of the Second Temple structures only add to its value. It is a fabulous tool for educators and students of the Word alike.

This virtual tour includes four languages (English, German, Spanish, and Portuguese) as well as a password giving you access to an online version of the Virtual Temple Tour. A minimum 2 GB of RAM is required for this product, but 4 GB is recommended for optimal full screen performance.