Still Ready to Rebuild DVD

Dr. Randall Price
Still Ready to Rebuild DVD

Twenty-five years ago Dr. Price co-wrote the book “Ready to Rebuild,” which described for the first time the plans by Orthodox Jews in Jerusalem to rebuild the Temple and how this fits with the prophetic Scriptures that speak of a Last Days Temple before the return of the Messiah. Since then, the Temple Mount has been an ongoing source of conflict, but Jewish visionaries continue making plans to recover the site and rebuild the Temple. In “Still Ready to Rebuild,” Dr. Price explains why Jewish People have not yet accomplished their goal, and also reveals the latest attempts to make rebuilding possible soon. Dr. Price shows recent archaeological discoveries related to the Temple and its priesthood, political changes that affect the status of the Temple Mount, and the new work of organizations such as the Temple Institute to prepare for the resumption of the sacrificial system. The conclusion is that the Jewish People are “Still Ready to Rebuild.”