Jesus in the Old Testament Package

Jesus in the Old Testament Package

Who Ate Lunch with Abraham?, book by Asher Intrater 

There is a figure who appears throughout the Law and the Prophets. He is sometimes referred to as the Angel of the Lord, sometimes as God Himself, sometimes as “One like the Son of Man,” and often with no name at all. Who is He? Understanding this represents a challenge to our most fundamental concepts about God and the Messiah. Equally challenging to Jewish people and Christian, Who Ate Lunch with Abraham? describes the appearances of God and the nature of the Messiah as found in Scriptures. You’ll discover God’s appearances to the patriarchs, Moses and the Israelites of the Exodus period, Joshua, the judges and the prophets, as well as John on Patmos. This book also includes 12 supplemental articles supporting and expounding on the author’s content, including a handy reference list of appearances in the Hebrew Scriptures.

Jacob Becomes Israel: Apprehending God's Blessing for You, DVD teaching by Jonathan Bernis 

Have you ever been in a place of despair or hopelessness? When Jacob was visited by God, he was in a desperate situation with no human solution. So Jacob wrestled with all his might. With faith and perseverance, he received God’s blessing. In the encouraging DVD teaching, “Jacob Becomes Israel,” Jonathan Bernis reveals the steps to praying through, persevering in the face of discouraging odds, and holding fast to receive God’s answer.