Jerusalem CD

Sandra Sheskin Brotman
Jerusalem CD

"JerUSAlem" and "Wake Up America!" are two powerful songs that concern the destiny of America and the Eternal Capital of Israel, Jerusalem, D.C. -- David’s Capital! The prophet Zechariah foretold centuries ago that Jerusalem would be "a cup of trembling and a burdensome stone" for ALL the nations -- a message for our turbulent times. He also predicted her future glory, yet to be revealed, when all the nations of the earth would go up to Jerusalem to worship God.

Born of Jewish Polish immigrants and having lost most of her family in The Holocaust in Poland, God has given Sandra a great love for her native homeland, America, and a deep desire that The United States continues to support her spiritual homeland, the Nation of Israel. She has sung "Wake Up America!" in the U.S. Capitol and before15,000 pastors and evangelical leaders. "I Will Bless Those Who Bless My People," (Genesis 12:3) warns those countries who fight against Israel of God’s judgment while the Prophet Hosea’s "Israel My Love, My Wife" reminds us of God’s unique marriage covenant with Israel.

As a Messianic songstress, Sandra has shared this vision from Jerusalem to The White House and prays you will sense God’s purpose: to continue to bless The United States as America continues to bless Israel.