A Rabbi Looks at the Supernatural

Jonathan Bernis
A Rabbi Looks at the Supernatural

In “A Rabbi Looks at the Supernatural,” Rabbi Jonathan Bernis addresses seven specific areas causing doubt and confusion for many Christians today. Drawing from both the Old and New Testaments, he offers a sound biblical perspective on matters beyond this natural world around which Christians often struggle and are distracted, even misled. “A Rabbi Looks at the Supernatural” explores:

  • Science and Faith - Are they mutually exclusive?
  • The spirit world - Demons, angels, and encounters
  • Ghosts - What to make of "voices from beyond"
  • Good and evil - If God is so powerful, how did Satan become so strong?
  • Sickness and healing - If God is a healer, why are people still sick?
  • Miracles - Does God still perform miracles today?
  • Heaven and Hell - What lies beyond this natural world?

Throughout the book Jonathan reveals the heart of a faithful God, encouraging you to embrace with confidence His supernatural working in your own life.