23 Minutes in Hell

Bill Wiese
23 Minutes in Hell

With electrified senses Bill Wiese experienced the searing flames of hell, total isolation, a putrid, breathtaking stench, deafening screams of agony, terrorizing demons, and finally, the strong hand of God lifting him out of the pit.

Wiese's visit to the devil's lair lasted just twenty-three minutes, but he returned with vivid details etched in his memory. During his twelve-month recovery after this life-changing ordeal, he studied the Scriptures to find answers and has listed more than 300 Bible verses referencing hell. Everyone is curious about the afterlife, and now Wiese shares his insights to commonly asked questions such as:

  • Is hell a literal burning place?
  • Where is hell?
  • Do you have a body in hell?
  • Are there children in hell?
  • Has anyone in the Bible experienced hell?
  • Why should you believe the Bible?
  • Can demons torment people on Earth?
  • Can demons torment people in hell?