When Will Jesus Return Package

When Will Jesus Return Package

A Rabbi Looks at the Last Days, book by Jonathan Bernis

Sadly, while many Christians try to unravel the Bible’s prophecies about the End Times, most of them ignore some of the clearest prophetic promises concerning the Last Days. If we focus too much on red heifers, the mark of the Beast and who the Antichrist is, we’ll miss out on the marvelous things God is doing right now to prepare the world for the Messiah’s return. In A Rabbi Looks at the Last Days, Rabbi Jonathan Bernis unpacks the mysteries of this time and what it means for you. Bernis draws from the Old and New Testaments to bring surprising insights that may challenge everything you thought you knew about the Last Days – and show you how you can actually help usher in God’s Kingdom.

The Role of Israel in Last Days Prophecy, 2-CD Set by Jonathan Bernis

We all know that Bible prophecy, foretelling the End Times, is a complex subject addressed throughout the Old and New Testaments. In this two-CD audio teaching, Rabbi Jonathan Bernis homes in on the unique role that Israel and the Jewish people play as Bible prophecy about the Last Days unfolds. Discover the answers to these and other questions about Israel and the Last Days: 

  • Why did ancient Jewish Rabbis believe in two Messiahs?
  • What does Satan know that you, as a Christian, don't know? 
  • Why is Satan trying to destroy the Jewish People?
  • What is God's heart for the Church and the Jewish People?
  • What does the Bible's reference to the "fullness of the Gentiles" mean?
  • What one single great event must take place before the return of Messiah, Jesus?