What Should We Think About Israel

What Should We Think About Israel

With a subtitle of “Separating Fact from Fiction in the Middle East Conflict,” you know you’re going to get the straight story. What Should we Think About Israel?” exposes the main current issues of the Middle East conflict and provides well-researched objective facts to help you learn the truth about Israel’s past, present, and future. In this compilation work, you’ll learn from respected scholars how to look past the heated debates and discern what is important to know about Israel – and how it affects you today. Experts including Walter Kaiser, Jr., David Brickner, Mitch Glaser, Michael Brown, Arnold Fructenbaum and Steve Ger will help you answer tough questions about: the history of the strife, long-term implications of locating the US Embassy in Jerusalem, the BDS Movement, Zionism, Israel’s right to the Land, the Temple Mount, Israel’s “occupation,” the plight of the Palestinians, the new anti-Semitism, Jewish and Palestinian Christians and more.