Unlocking the Prophetic Mysteries Book, Study Guide, & Torah (4242)

Unlocking the Prophetic Mysteries Book, Study Guide, & Torah (4242)

This package includes:

Unlocking the Prophetic Mysteries of Israel, book by Jonathan Bernis

One tiny nation – Israel. It’s not the richest or most powerful country in the world, but in God’s eyes, Israel is the most important nation on Earth. And it’s there that the Bible’s prophecies regarding the end of the age will all unfold. If you want to understand what God is doing in these Last Days, you must understand what He is doing with Israel. What do the “times of the Gentiles” and “the fullness of the Gentiles” mean? Are they connected? In Unlocking the Prophetic Mysteries of Israel, Jonathan Bernis reveals this and more:

  • 7 keys to understanding Israel’s past, present and future role in God’s plan to recover a corrupt and lost world
  • 3 reasons Israel plays such a prominent role in God’s plan for the future of this planet
  • 10 hallmarks of the coming Messianic Age of peace and prosperity
  • Your influential part in ushering in God’s Kingdom on Earth
  • The vital significance of the city of Jerusalem
  • Our debt to the Jewish people
  • The dramatic connection between Israel and the Church
  • Encouragement to fight the good fight
  • And much more

Unlocking the Prophetic Mysteries of Israel, Study Guide by Jonathan Bernis

Dig deeper into the vital role of Israel in God’s redemptive plan for the world with this companion study guide to the book Unlocking the Prophetic Mysteries of Israel. Designed to be used in personal study or in groups, the guide includes relevant Scriptures and a variety of questions – fill-in-the-blank, multiple choice and personal reflection – to encourage reflection, start discussions, unlock biblical truths and help you find application for your own life.

Torah Book

This Torah book is a spectacular presentation of the Word of God. Beautifully rendered with color engravings and decorative motifs along the covers and pages, this is a treasure. The book itself is shaped to resemble the traditional interpretation of the two tablets of stone on which God wrote the Law. This Torah is perhaps one of the most easily comprehended, as the original Hebrew text of the Torah – the first five books of the Bible – is presented side-by-side with the English translation so that you can read both at the same time without turning pages. The Torah Book is 13.5”x 9.25” and comes with a sturdy protective sleeve.