Ancient Priestly Prayer of the Blessing Package (2011)

Ancient Priestly Prayer of the Blessing Package (2011)

The Priestly Prayer of the Blessing

Did you know that God wrote a prayer for you? God gave instructions for Aaron, the high priest, to pray it over the children of Israel every day. By doing this, God would place His name (His very person, His holy character, His power and authority) supernaturally upon them. For forty years, as the children of Israel wandered in the wilderness, they received supernatural provision, divine health, and angelic protection. And even their clothes and shoes did not wear out. This prayer was on a silver amulet discovered in a tomb opposite the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. It is the oldest surviving biblical text surpassing the age of the Dead Sea Scrolls by four hundred years. Through intense study of the original Hebrew text, Warren M. Marcus has unearthed a far deeper and profound meaning of this divine prayer than we presently have in our Bibles. Marcus reveals the ancient secret on how to pronounce a new amplified Hebrew-to-English translation so you can experience a supernatural, intimate, and experiential relationship with your heavenly Father in a way never thought possible.

The Priestly Prayer of the Blessing (2 CD set)

This audio teaching set is a companion to Warren Marcus’ book of the same title and reveals the profound meaning of the prayer God wrote for you. Found in the book of Numbers, this prayer brought God’s supernatural blessing upon the children of Israel. Do you want this prayer spoken over you? This 2-CD teaching set includes this blessing spoken in the Amplified Hebrew-to-English translation, spoken over you to reflect the fullness of meaning that is conveyed in the ancient Hebrew language. You’ll also receive the prayer sung over you in the beautiful language of Hebrew.

Jewish Voice Deluxe Journal

Whether used for study notes, personal thoughts, or a prayer log, this deluxe journal is sure to enhance your walk with the Lord. Each of the 400 lined pages is edged in silver and includes a Scripture verse. A navy ribbon bookmark will keep your place. The leather-like cover is dual-tone blue with matched stitching and is debossed with the Aaronic Blessing. This handsome journal measures 5.5” W x 8.25” H. 

Aaron's Blessing Keychain

This beautiful keychain is a replica of the oldest known copy of a biblical text, the Aaronic Blessing. It contains the ancient Hebrew text of God’s blessing found in Numbers 6:24-27: The Lord bless you and keep you. The Lord cause His face to shine upon you and be gracious unto you. The Lord turn His face toward you and give you peace.” This lovely blessing is perfect for carrying your keys and will remind you all through the day of God’s care for you!

The Priestly Prayer of the Blessing DVD

This companion DVD to Warren Marcus’ book of the same title includes a short teaching about the prayer God wrote for you and its proclamation over you. You’ll also hear the beautiful anointed voice of world renowned Messianic worship leader Paul Wilbur as he sings the prayer over you in Hebrew.