The Mystery of Catastrophe (2113)

The Mystery of Catastrophe (2113)

The Mystery of Catastrophe (9261)

The Lord is always at work. In fact, it is specifically in the midst of catastrophe, crisis, and the times when it seems as though He is most absent that He is actually most active. Throughout Scripture, we see people encountering God when a crisis brings them to the end of their strength. The closer we approach the time of Jesus’ return, the more natural and man-made disasters we’ll see. Learning to perceive Gospel opportunities when many others only see crisis is a skill that the body of Messiah must learn. Discover how catastrophes represent the greatest Gospel opportunities we’ll ever experience and how to look for God’s redemptive heart among life’s tragedies. “The Mystery of Catastrophe” examines: how God has worked through biblical catastrophes of the past and how He is working in present-day calamities; the birth pangs of the final days; Gospel opportunities within the rise of Islam; God’s purpose for the Antichrist; the theology of suffering and doctrine of martyrdom; and how to biblically respond to calamity. This book will help you fix your eyes on what God is doing in the midst of the many storms that are even now gathering on the horizon.