The Miracle of the Scarlet Thread

Dr. Richard Booker
The Miracle of the Scarlet Thread

The scarlet thread of redemption runs throughout the entire Bible tying together Old and New Covenants to tell one complete story. It is the sacred blood covenant of Yeshua (Jesus). In this book, you’ll discover how the rituals, tabernacle, sacrificial offerings, Passover, and various covenants revealed in the Bible all point to Yeshua. These “dusty old stories” will come alive to you with a freshness and excitement that will truly energize you with a zeal for the Lord and His Word. In addition, Dr. Booker shares his personal testimony of his supernatural encounter with God and the revelation that changed his life forever. Written in reader-friendly language, God has used The Miracle of the Scarlet Thread to help thousands around the world come to a deeper revelation of God and His Word.