The Jewish Voice Bible Package (2103)

The Jewish Voice Bible Package (2103)

2019 JVMI Calendar (9656)

This specially designed 12-month calendar features beautiful full-color photographs of the work you make possible through Jewish Voice Ministries International (JVMI). The calendar notes U.S., Canada, U.K., Israel and biblical holidays. It also marks the Hebrew months and years that span 2019. Each month provides you with an inspiring verse of Scripture, and additional pages at the back provide explanations of the Jewish holidays along with an overview of JVMI’s work.

The Jewish Voice Bible (8800)

The Jewish Voice Bible presents the Holy Scriptures in the Tree of Life Version (TLV) with an abundance of special features to enrich your Bible reading. The TLV Bible translation unites Old and New Covenants with a consistent Hebraic perspective. It introduces important Hebrew words that clarify scriptural meaning and restores names to their original Hebrew. The Jewish Voice Bible includes such helpful tools as: 

  • Weekly Scripture readings from the Torah, Writings and Prophets, and the New Covenant 

  • Important Messianic prophecies and their fulfillments 

  • Guidance to help you lead someone to Yeshua and prayers for accepting Yeshua 

  • Shabbat prayers and blessings 

  • Overview of biblical feasts and holidays 

  • Map of 21st century Israel 

  • Key Scriptures revealing God’s ongoing covenant with Israel 

  • Hebrew word glossary and 82 artist illustrations 

  • Intercessory Prayer Guide for Israel 

  • Overview of the “Lost Tribes of Israel” 

This Bible has a duo-tone, blue leatherette cover with silver lettering matching silver-gilded pages. It measures 6.5” W by 9.375” H and fits the JVMI Bible Cover.