The Fallacies of Replacement Theology Package

The Fallacies of Replacement Theology Package

Star of David with Wheat Lapel Pin 

This striking pin will help you share your love for Israel along with your support for the work of Jewish Voice. Made of .925 Silver and gold plating, it measures approximately 1” x 1 & 1/8” and comes in a velvet covered box.

The Dangerous Lie of Replacement Theology, CD by Jonathan Bernis 

Whether it’s called “Replacement Theology,” “Supercessionism” or “Spiritual Israel,” this errant doctrine has many Christians believing a lie. In this important CD teaching, Rabbi Bernis answers questions about this dangerous lie.

  • What is Replacement Theology?
  • How and when did this false doctrine get its start?
  • Why is it a lie? What does the Bible say?
  • Why is it so dangerous?
  • What can we do about it?