The 8 Great Debates of Bible Prophecy

Ron Rhodes
The 8 Great Debates of Bible Prophecy

You've heard about the tribulation, millennium, rapture, and Antichrist, but you may wonder: what's all the debating about? Do most Christians agree on the big issues? Is it all too complex for most folks to understand? Not at all! The 8 Great Debates of Bible Prophecy is a concise and easy-to-read review in which respected Bible teacher Ron Rhodes identifies eight of the most important end-times discussions. Avoiding complex arguments, he highlights the most important biblical passages, summarizes a few of the most popular interpretations, and provides succinct conclusions. In this book, Dr. Rhodes demonstrates that the Bible's end-times teaching is intended to be a blessing for every Believer. You'll be able to enjoy constructive conversations with other Christians and support your own informed convictions. You'll also enrich your reading of the Scriptures and see how passages fit together in God's great plan for the ages.