Spring Feast and Purim Package (2122)

Spring Feast and Purim Package (2122)

The Spring Feasts and Purim

In this wonderful book you’ll see God’s faithfulness in the Purim story and His great love for those who are His. You’ll learn the history and prophetic significance of each Spring Feast and the meaning it holds today for Believers in Yeshua. Holiday recipes will help you celebrate the Springs Feasts and Purim. Discover what God’s appointed times hold in store for you.

Feasts of Israel CD

In this teaching by Rabbi Jonathan Bernis, you will see that these Biblical Feasts are also prophetic tapestries; types and shadows of future redemptive acts of God revealed in the New Covenant - relevant for Jews and Gentile Believers alike.

Appointments With God Journal

The Jewish Feasts provide us opportunities to enrich our faith by entering into God’s presence to connect with Him around a theme of His choosing. Gentile Believers in Yeshua have much to gain by understanding the Jewish Feasts as well. “Appointments with God” includes teachings about each Feast as well as daily devotions for Passover, Sukkot and Chanukah.