Show Your Love for Israel Package

Show Your Love for Israel Package

JVMI Stand with Israel Car Magnet

Show your support for Israel – and Jewish Voice – while you’re on the go with this blue and white “I Stand with Israel” car magnet. With the JVMI web address in the design, you’ll also direct people to our website where they can learn more about Jesus, the Gospel, Messianic Judaism, and the biblical importance of standing with Israel. Let your voice be heard and be counted among those who stand with Israel!

Love for Israel Notecards

The scene on these stunning notecards places you on a lovely balcony in Israel where a menorah, shofar, and prayer tallit rest on a marble table with a view the Old City of Jerusalem including the Temple Mount and Western Wall behind. Also on the table is a vase adorned with blooms from a Crown of Thorns plant. This boxed set of 18 notecards is reproduced from the original oil painting by Jeanette Jensen. Cards measure 5”x7” and come with 2 extra envelopes.

Stand with Israel Keychain

This little keychain is packed with purpose. One side displays the Israeli flag and the words “I stand with Israel” while the reverse bears Scripture’s command to pray for the peace of Jerusalem (Psalm 122:6). Each time you handle your keys, you’ll be reminded of God’s love for Israel and the importance of supporting her. The JVMI logo represents the ripe spiritual harvest Jesus spoke of and calls to mind the vision you share with Jewish Voice: to transform lives and see all Israel saved. No matter which side shows, you’ll testify to God’s heart for Israel, encouraging yourself and inspiring others. The sleek design is approximately 2.5” x 1.5” to fit nicely in pocket or purse.

A Lasting Peace

One of the most important ways we can work to build lasting peace in the Middle East is to look beyond propaganda and learn what is really happening there. In A Lasting Peace, Rabbi Jonathan Bernis sorts out the history and players for you, presenting a clear look at the unrest surrounding Israel today. From ancient history to current events, Bernis traces the participation of surrounding nations and terror groups against Israel. He uncovers the truth about the Palestinian refugee problem and explains the biases behind Israel’s relationship with United Nations. You’ll also learn about the Arab war against Christians. A Lasting Peace answers your questions about the Middle East conflict and equips you for conversations with those who blindly blame Israel for it.