Shabbat Blessings Package

Shabbat Blessings Package
  • Shabbat Blessing Magnets
    This set of five colorful magnets beautifully illustrates the five Shabbat blessings. Each magnet comes with an inspiring picture from the Land of Israel as well as a unique blessing. These magnets are perfect for hanging on your refrigerator or any metal surface to continually remind you of Yeshua's blessings. Each magnet is 3" x 3.75."
  • Blessings for Family and Friends, book by Dr. John Garr
    Revolutionize your spiritual life and enrich your personal experience with God! Discover the biblical practice of blessing and how to implement it for your own life, your family, and community. Blessing has always been God’s plan for humanity. Blessings for Family and Friends reveals the biblically rich Hebraic tradition of blessings as well as provides specific blessings according to various occasions and people in your life. Each blessing is accompanied by a brief history and explanation of its purpose. As you learn how to bless others, you will find yourself abundantly blessed by God.