Rustic Wall Art and Shalom Package

Rustic Wall Art and Shalom Package

Israel Mezuzah

A mezuzah is a small container placed on the doorposts of homes in accordance with the Torah’s command. Containing a scroll with the Shema from Deuteronomy chapter 6, this unique mezuzah is in the shape of the State of Israel. Placed on your doorpost, it will remind you of the Torah’s commandment to remember God’s Word, that He is one, and to pray for Israel.


Psalm 122:6 Hebrew Rustic Wall Art

This solid wood wall art contains the words of Psalm 122:6 written in Hebrew script. The background is laser cut to leave the words “Pray for the peace of Jerusalem,” written in Hebrew letters, raised ¼” above the dark wood background. The wall piece measures 8” x 10” and includes a sawtooth hanger on the back.


Shalom Art

Shalom is the Hebrew word for “peace,” but it means much more than that. Shalom carries the additional meanings of completeness, wellbeing and wholeness. In Israel, shalom is used as a greeting and said when parting from friends or loved ones. And it is what God promises us throughout Scripture. This lovely wall hanging of the written word Shalom resembles olivewood native to Israel. The piece measures 20” x 8” and includes a sawtooth hanger for displaying on your wall.