Resurrection Package

Resurrection Package

Resurrection, book by Dr. Michael Brown

“Resurrection: Investigating a Rabbi from Brooklyn, a Preacher from Galilee, and the Event that Changed the World” takes you on a captivating journey beginning in 1994 New York, where a famous rabbi died, and back through Jewish history for a look at little-known Jewish beliefs about the Messiah. Dr. Brown reveals those who were considered potential Messiahs in each generation and Jewish teachings about the reincarnated soul of the Messiah. The book examines evidence for the resurrection of Jesus and demonstrates why it uniquely confirms that Jesus alone is the promised Messiah. Uncover the Jewish roots of your faith and gain a fresh new perspective on the resurrection of Jesus as presented through the eyes of a Messianic Jew. “Resurrection” a great tool for sharing the Good News with your Jewish friends.


Grafted-in Mezuzah

A mezuzah is a small container placed on the doorposts of homes in accordance with the Torah’s command. Containing a scroll with the Shema from Deuteronomy chapter 6, this metal mezuzah contains the “grafted in” symbol (Christian fish, Jewish star, and menorah). A dash of sparkling color complements the pewter-colored finish. Placed on your doorpost it will remind you of the Torah’s commandment to remember God’s Word, that He is one, and also to pray for Israel.


I Stand with Israel JVMI Car Magnet

Show your support for Israel – and Jewish Voice – on the go with this special blue and white “I Stand with Israel” car magnet. With the JVMI website address in the design, you’ll also direct people to our website where they can learn more about Yeshua and the Gospel, Messianic Judaism, and the biblical importance of standing with Israel. Let your voice be heard and be counted among those who stand with Israel!