Prayer Shawl/Ethiopian Tallit Package (2155)

Prayer Shawl/Ethiopian Tallit Package (2155)

Comfort, O Comfort My People, photo book

Meet the Beta Israel of Ethiopia. This beautiful coffee table book of photographs and stories chronicles Jewish Voice’s outreach to this lovely but impoverished people. See how your support has uplifted and helped the poorest of the poor Jewish people of Ethiopia. This 80-page soft-cover book measures 8.5” x 11”.

Handmade Ethiopian Tallit

For centuries the prayer shawl, or tallit (tah-LEET), has been a part of Jewish worship. At the four corners are the tzitzit (TZEET-tzeet), long fringes that serve as a reminder to cherish and keep the Lord’s commandments as instructed in the book of Numbers. These beautiful prayer shawls are handmade by weavers among the Beta Israel in Ethiopia – in the very communities we help. Colors vary, and all are finely crafted garments to use and treasure as a reminder of your special help to these needy people. Dimensions: 70” x 25.5”.

Africa Bracelet

This earthy bracelet will be a fashionable reminder of the work you support through Jewish Voice Ministries International. Brown wooden beads are strung on black cording with a silver-toned, Africa-shaped metal bead at the center. The bracelet is adjustable from 6” to 8”. As you wear it, you will remember to pray for the beautiful people of Africa whose lives you touch with humanitarian aid and the Gospel when you give to Jewish Voice.

The Lost Tribes of Israel, 3rd Edition, softcover coffee table book

A captivating mystery, the “Lost Tribes of Israel” have fascinated historians and biblical scholars for centuries. What happened to these Jewish people? Did they vanish entirely? Are they among us today, concealed and hidden? The whereabouts of the “Lost Tribes of Israel” has been one of the great puzzles of the ages…until recently.  Join us on a journey as we reveal the ancient story of the “Lost Tribes of Israel” and uncover pockets of Jewish people found in surprising places all around the globe. Meet the Beta Abraham, Beta Israel, Gefat, Lemba, and Bnei Menashe. Catch a glimpse into their lives today and how Jewish Voice Ministries has come alongside them with humanitarian aid and the love of Yeshua (Jesus) the Messiah.

Lost Tribes Map, 3rd Edition

See where communities of people from the “Lost Tribes of Israel” have been identified today. Trace the ancient Silk Route that many from the Ten Northern Tribes of Israel followed as they were dispersed by the Assyrians in 722 B.C. See where Jewish Voice ministers to Lost Tribes communities and learn about the various groups of Jewish people we serve. Map includes photos from JVMI humanitarian aid projects. Printed on sturdy, high quality paper with a matte finish, this map measures 36” x 24”. Suitable for framing, it will look beautiful on your wall and is sure to be a conversation piece.