Pray for Israel Wall Art Package (4181)

Pray for Israel Wall Art Package (4181)

Israel Rising

The Land of Israel has changed dramatically since the nation was re-birthed in 1948, just as Ezekiel prophesied it would. "Israel Rising: Ancient Prophecy, Modern Lens" is an exceptional look at the prospered landscape of Israel as seen through photographs taken from the same angles 100 years apart. Because the century-old photographs in this remarkable collection enjoyed an extremely limited circulation, these photo comparisons reveal changes in Israel that have remained virtually unseen until now. From vast desert farms in the Negev to booming coastal cities, you'll see the literal fulfillment of the Hebrew prophets' vision of the ancient Land's rebuilding.

Miracle of Israel Blu-ray

The Miracle of Israel: How the Miraculous Story of Israel’s Restoration May Hold the Key to Our Future

The Miracle of Israel tells the story of the only nation in the history of the world that has maintained a national identity for centuries without a homeland. The documentary explores four ancient prophecies in light of modern events and highlights four miracles that are distinct threads of the fabric of the Jewish people’s survival and restoration.

Pray for Israel Wall Piece

Designed exclusively for Jewish Voice Ministries by one of our partners, this beautiful wood wall piece is cut in the shape of the State of Israel and has a veneer of olivewood, which is natural to the Holy Land. The plaque is etched with the words, “Pray for the peace of Jerusalem” and the Scripture reference of Psalm 122:6. Each piece is one of a kind with unique grain and the lovely, natural colorations of olivewood. It measures 17” tall and will hang easily, even in narrow, difficult-to-decorate wall spaces.

70 Years: Israel's Prophetic Past, Present, And Future DVD

Is Israel just another nation in the world, like any other people group, with a long history of triumph and tragedy, peace and persecution, status and statelessness? Or is it possible the history of Israel is evidence of a unique and mysterious divine script written at the dawn of Creation that reveals the destiny of every person who has ever lived on Planet Earth? Watch the miraculous story of Israel's 70th anniversary back in its original land after a dispersion of nearly two millennia. It's not just the narrative of the Jewish people, it's the history of the greatest story ever told - one that actually explains why we're all here, the fate of the world, even the secret of eternal life.

Witness the sweeping panoramic perspective about Israel's rebirth in this fast-paced documentary. It presents the case that the secret of the Jew's immortality is that almighty God chose, blessed and set him apart for a special purpose - to be a light to the rest of the world, as the Bible says. It was through the Jewish people that the Jewish Messiah came into the world. And it is to Israel that He, Jesus, or Yeshua as He was known to His own people, will return to restore this world to the glory and perfection of the Garden of Eden:

  • No other nation was conceived like Israel - in a unique covenant between one man and the God of all Creation.
  • No other nation was born like Israel - in the spiritual labor pains of hundreds of years of captivity and slavery in a foreign land.
  • No other nation witnessed a miracle-filled 40-year odyssey through the desert, led by God, fed by God, hearing His thunderous voice, getting His instructions and receiving His commandments etched in stone tablets.
  • No other nation was directed by God to return to its land with borders surveyed and defined by the Creator.
  • No other nation was judged unworthy and punished with captivity in another foreign land for 70 years before being returned for a second chance.
  • No other nation received the Redeemer of the world but didn't recognize Him - only to be scattered throughout the world, yet, at the same time spreading God's revelations and making His revelation to the four corners of the earth.

And, certainly, no other nation remained scattered for Clearance than 1,800 years, only to return to the land again, as prophesied, and be reborn in a day to await another chance to welcome its Messiah.


Written and Presented by Joseph Farah and Jonathan Bernis
Produced by Joseph Farah
Directed and Edited by George D. Escobar
Run time: 60 minutes
English Closed Captioned
Spanish Subtitles