Perry Stone Package

Perry Stone Package

The Final Ciphers and the Return of Christ, book by Perry Stone

Ciphers are secrets disguised in writing by a code or other method in order to conceal their meanings. The Bible contains many ciphers in the form of patterns, repetitions and pairings. In this landmark book, Perry Stone uncovers stunning information that unlocks ancient ciphers concealing secrets for our generation that point to Jesus’ return. The Final Ciphers includes 29 chapters of new prophetic insight, including how COVID-19 fits into biblical End-Time signs.

7 Keys to Unlocking the Prophetic Mysteries of Israel

Discover seven keys to understanding Israel’s place in the End Times in this insightful book by Jonathan Bernis. Learn what to look for in tomorrow’s headlines, some startling truths about the relationship between Christians and Jews, and the fascinating responsibility Christians have toward God’s Chosen People.