Our Hands are Stained with Blood Package

Our Hands are Stained with Blood Package

Our Hands are Stained with Blood, book by Dr. Michael Brown (9298)

It’s a story every Christian must hear. The pages of church history are sadly marked by countless aggressions aimed at the Jewish people. From the first “Christian” persecutions of the Jews in the fourth century to the unspeakable horrors of the Holocaust, from Israel-bashing in today’s press to anti-Semitism in today’s pulpits, this startling book tells the tragic story of the “Church” and the Jewish people. In this pivotal work, Dr. Brown exposes the faulty theological roots that opened the door to anti-Semitism in church history and how well-meaning Believers today so often fall into the trap. Now is the time for change. Discover the important role you can play to help shape a Church that will bless Israel rather than curse her. You can make a difference in this generation.


I Stand with Israel JVMI Car Magnet (3152)

Show your support for Israel – and Jewish Voice – on the go with this special blue and white “I Stand with Israel” car magnet. With the JVMI website address in the design, you’ll also direct people to our website where they can learn more about Yeshua and the Gospel, Messianic Judaism, and the biblical importance of standing with Israel. Let your voice be heard and be counted among those who stand with Israel!


Grafted-in Mezuzah (9994)

A mezuzah is a small container placed on the doorposts of homes in accordance with the Torah’s command. Containing a scroll with the Shema from Deuteronomy chapter 6, this metal mezuzah contains the “grafted in” symbol (Christian fish, Jewish star, and menorah). A dash of sparkling color complements the pewter-colored finish. Placed on your doorpost it will remind you of the Torah’s commandment to remember God’s Word, that He is one, and also to pray for Israel.