Lest We Forget Package (2156)

Lest We Forget Package (2156)

Lest We Forget What Hatred Can Do

Six million Jewish people died in the Holocaust. Each one of them, and each survivor, is a unique story.  During the Holocaust, the worst of the human race had free expression. The possibility that mankind is capable of such ideology and brutality is sobering. That’s why we can never forget the Holocaust. Lest We Forget offers stories of Holocaust survivors and a brief history of how Adolf Hitler advanced his campaign to eradicate what he called “the Jewish problem.” We remember – and with our deepest respect, we honor – those who died as well as those who survived the Holocaust. We remember . . . to ensure it never happens again.


Holocaust Remembrance Lapel Pin

Inscribed with the Hebrew word Yizkor (“Remember”), this pewter-toned metal pin demonstrates the international Jewish community’s determination to remember the six million Jews who died at the hands of the Nazis by celebrating the new life that emerged from the jaws of death. The motif of budding life from barbed wire honors the Jewish spirit that has transformed history’s greatest tragedy the Holocaust into one of history’s greatest miracles, the rebirth of the nation of Israel in the Promised Land.