Learn to Read Hebrew Package

Learn to Read Hebrew Package

Learn to Read Hebrew in 6 Weeks, by Miiko Shaffier

Using clever illustrations and fun memory tricks, Miiko Shaffier makes Hebrew letters and sounds easy to remember for students of all ages. Through this method, she has taught thousands to read the Hebrew language. In 12 simple lessons – two per week – you will be able to read from the original Hebrew Bible. 

Confessing the Hebrew Scriptures, DVD by Jonathan Bernis 

There is power in the Word of God. It is living and active, sharper than any two-edged sword and is filled with promises and hope for all generations. To lay hold of the abundant life Yeshua promised us, we must grab onto His Word and make it a vital part of our lives. In this teaching you’ll discover:

  • A life-transforming principle that will make God’s promises a reality for you
  • The relationship between your faith and the spoken Word of God
  • How faith grows and the important elements to building your faith
  • How speaking the Scriptures in Hebrew will encourage your faith
  • And so much more!

2023 Jewish Voice Wall Calendar 

Travel around the world with Jewish Voice in 2023 as you visit the places where you and others have helped us reach Jewish people with the Gospel over the past 50 years. This 12-month calendar features beautiful photographs of the people and places helped by your support. Calendar pages identify Jewish holidays as well as those for the U.S., Canada, U.K., and Israel. You’ll also find the corresponding Hebrew months, information about the Jewish holidays and an overview of JVMI’s vision.