Last Days Package

Last Days Package

Last Days Survival Guide, book by Rick Renner

If you’re concerned about what you are witnessing in society – and even in the Church – the answers you need to maintain your victory are in this book! It’s a survival guide for thriving in these perilous last days. In this eye-opening survival guide, Rick Renner covers prophetic Scriptures about the End Times and how to prepare for them, including:

  • What the word “perilous” really means and why God is alerting you
  • What exact characteristics will mark society in the very last days
  • What actions to take to protect yourself and those you love
  • Strategies to stop the devil from attacking you and your loved ones

Genesis 12:3 Bookmark

When God called Abraham and said He would make a great nation from him, He declared, “I will bless those who bless you.” Now you can keep this promise close-by with the Genesis 12:3 Bookmark. The words are cut into sturdy gold-toned metal, along with a silhouetted Jerusalem skyline. The bookmark measures 5” x 1.5” and includes a colorful ribbon attached at one end to help you find your place in any book.