Kudu Shofar Package

Kudu Shofar Package

This package includes:

Small Kudu Shofar

In ancient days, the distinctive blare of the shofar filled the air as a call to commence a religious holiday, certain ceremonies and even battle. Still used today, the shofar sounds at the feasts of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. Colors, textures, and finish vary in these natural horns, but all are beautiful and fully functional. Sizes of the Small Kudu Shofar range between 24–28 inches in length including curvature.

The Shofar: The First Instrument of God's Voice

Discover the biblical and historical background of this fascinating instrument in the book by Messianic Rabbi, Harlan Picker. Learn of the shofar’s historical and present day uses, its spiritual significance and application in worship.