Kudu Horn Shofar Package (2091)

Kudu Horn Shofar Package (2091)

Medium Kudu Horn Shofar

This beautiful medium shofar is made of a Kudu horn. The shofar is the trumpet of the Bible and was blown in Bible times to announce the beginnings of religious holidays, ceremonies, and even battle. Today, the shofar is sounded at Rosh Hashanah (the Jewish New Year) and Yom Kippur. Colors, textures, and finish vary in these natural horns but all are beautiful and fully functional. Let this special shofar serve as a conversation starter and reminder of God calling our hearts to worship Him, the God of Israel who is ever faithful.

Handmade Ethiopian Pillow Cover

Beautiful embroidered pillow covers are hand sewn for JVMI by members of the Beta Avraham and Beta Israel Jewish communities in Ethiopia. Adorned with scenes from the Bible, these colorful pillow covers reflect the art and culture of the special people who carefully stitch the designs into one-of-a-kind works of art for your home. Pillow covers include a solid back, an inset zipper or opening, and are approximately 13x13, though sizes may vary slightly. Bible scenes vary.

Tree of Life Menorah

The menorah is the seven-branched candelabra of the Temple and an iconic symbol of Judaism. The Tree of Life Menorah is finely crafted in the shape of a tree with branches emerging from a trunk to form the seven candle holders. This pewter menorah measures 6.5” H x 7” W and features the Jewish Voice logo in gold-toned metal on the trunk.