Jonathan Bernis Audio Book Package

Jonathan Bernis Audio Book Package

This package includes:

Tasting the Bread of Life, CD by Jonathan Bernis

How did a not-so-nice Jewish boy from Rochester, NY become a Believer in Yeshua (Jesus) and go on to proclaim the Messiah’s name throughout the world? This personal testimony from Rabbi Jonathan Bernis is filled with wonderful anecdotes, strong teaching, and scriptural truth, and it will have you both laughing and learning. Follow Jonathan’s journey from darkness to salvation, and then on to leadership in the Messianic Jewish Movement. This message is also a great tool for sharing the Good News of Israel’s Messiah with your Jewish friends and family.

A Hope and a Future, CD Teaching by Jonathan Bernis

To the Israelites living in captivity in Babylon, it seemed like God had forgotten. They had been defeated in battle and taken hundreds of miles away to live in a heathen nation. Their prayers for deliverance and help had not been answered. Then God gave Jeremiah a word of prophecy: God had a plan for them. And He has a plan for your life as well. In this powerful audio message, Rabbi Jonathan Bernis unlocks the secrets of the Hebrew language to help you understand the depth and the power of God’s promise for your future. Rejoice in complete confidence in His love for you and the goodness of purpose in your life.

The Expanding Kingdom, CD teaching by Jonathan Bernis

If you've been wondering how you might use your gifts and abilities more effectively for the Lord, this message is for you. With powerful audio teaching from Matthew 13:31-33, Rabbi Jonathan Bernis demonstrates that God's Kingdom is both present and future...and ever expanding. This "law of expansion" also applies to your talents, finances, natural gifts, and more. This message will inspire you to examine the role that you are playing in the Kingdom of God. By applying these principles to your life, you can experience fruitfulness and abundance!

The Role of Israel in Last Days Prophecy, 2-CD Set by Jonathan Bernis

Discover the pivotal role that Israel plays in Last-Days prophecy. In these two CDs of in-depth teaching, Rabbi Jonathan Bernis answers such questions as: 

  • Why did ancient Jewish Rabbis believe in two Messiahs?
  • What does Satan know that you, as a Christian, don't know? 
  • Why is Satan trying to destroy the Jewish People?
  • What is God's heart for the Church and the Jewish People?
  • What does the Bible's reference to the "fullness of the Gentiles" mean?
  • What one single great event must take place before the return of Messiah, Jesus?