Jerusalem Rising Package

Jerusalem Rising Package

Jerusalem Rising, coffee table book by Doug Hershey

Doug Hershey has done it again. In a follow-up to his spectacular photo-comparison book of the Holy Land, Israel Rising, Doug and adventure-travel photographer Edden Ram have created Jerusalem Rising: The City of Peace Reawakens. You’ll see the prophet Zechariah’s words come to life as Jerusalem has once again become a center of thriving life and seat of international influence. From its famed walls and gates of the beloved Old City to the new city rising up around it, you’ll view some of the oldest photographs ever taken of Jerusalem (starting in the 1840s) alongside present-day photos from the exact angles of these seldom-seen historical images. This stunning book also features fascinating stories about Jerusalem’s earliest photographers and firsthand accounts from pilgrims, locals and would-be conquerors that capture the longing and desire for this treasured city, spanning almost 2,000 years.


2022 Jewish Voice Wall Calendar

Plan your year on this inspiring wall calendar that tells the story of “The Lost Tribes of Israel” and the exciting ways you minister to them through partnering with Jewish Voice Ministries International. This 12-month calendar features beautiful photographs of the people and places helped by your support. Calendar pages identify biblical holidays as well as those for the U.S., Canada, U.K., and Israel. You’ll also find the corresponding Hebrew months, information about the Jewish holidays and an overview of JVMI’s work.