His Final Footsteps Package (2109)

His Final Footsteps Package (2109)

The Spring Feasts and Purim

The God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob is an amazingly detailed and inviting God. He set seven specific “appointments” with His people, calling them to meet with Him during the year. Through each of them, He reveals more of Himself and beckons His people into a deeper understanding and worship of Him. Gentile Believers in Yeshua (Jesus) have much to gain by observing these Feasts as well. You’ll marvel at the intricate pictures of God’s redemptive plan instilled into each of His “appointed times,” or moadim. Though it is not one of the biblical feasts, you’ll see God’s faithfulness in the Purim story and His great love for those who are His. You’ll learn the history and prophetic significance of each Spring Feast and the meaning it holds today for Believers in Yeshua. Holiday recipes will help you celebrate the Springs Feasts and Purim. Discover what God’s appointed times hold in store for you.

His Final Footsteps: A 24-Day Companion Devotional

The last 24 hours of Jesus’ life were filled with extraordinary, dramatic scenes leading up to the most important event in history. In the DVD presentation of “His Final Footsteps,” Rabbi Jonathan Bernis guided you through Jerusalem retracing Jesus’ final day.  Now, Jonathan’s new 24-Day Companion Devotional will take you deeper into these pivotal hours of Jesus’ life. With Scripture passages, inspiring insights, and inviting questions, you will be led into intimate communion with God. Draw closer to the One who gave His life for you with this devotional experience worth coming back to year after year.

Yeshua's Final Passover DVD

Passover is a monumental event immersed with symbolism in Jewish history, instituted when God delivered the children of Israel from slavery in Egypt. In this inspirational brand-new DVD, filmed on location in Jerusalem in the Upper Room, Rabbi Jonathan Bernis teaches us how to observe the rich traditions of the Passover Seder — just as Yeshua (Jesus) did with His disciples over 2,000 years ago, known as the Last Supper. Discover how the various elements of the Passover Seder all point to the work of Yeshua as the Lamb of God, and learn how to celebrate the Seder meal in your own home. Your spiritual walk will come alive as you see the roots of our New Testament faith revealed in this rich and powerful Jewish celebration.

His Final Footsteps: Retracing the Last 24 Hours of Jesus' Life DVD

The final Passover meal in the Upper Room. The anguish of the Garden of Gethsemane. The betrayal and arrest on the Mount of Olives. The mockery of a trial. The barren hill of execution. These and other spots mark key milestones as Yeshua (Jesus) moved through His final, pivotal hours on earth. In this exciting new DVD presentation filmed on location in Jerusalem, Jonathan Bernis serves as your guide to re-living and understanding the most important 24 hours in human history.

Appointments with God: Reflections on the Jewish Feasts

Appointments with God (9286)

Through the Feasts, God established “appointed times” for Jewish people to mark a variety of remembrances, offerings and celebrations. The Jewish Feasts provide us opportunities to enrich our faith by entering into God’s presence to connect with Him around a theme of His choosing. Gentile Believers in Yeshua have much to gain by understanding the Jewish Feasts as well. “Appointments with God” includes teachings about each Feast as well as daily devotions for Passover, Sukkot and Chanukah. It presents many Scripture readings, insightful questions and designated spaces to record your thoughts. This book will guide you to find deeper meaning each year in these appointments with God.