Give joyfully and receive abundantly! God has set out a righteous path to divine blessing that anyone can walk, and that path is the narrow way of generosity. It's really quite simple. Jesus said, give and you shall receive. Here are some of the challenging and inspiring truths that Generosity: The Righteous Path to Divine Blessing will confirm for you:

  • The Motive for Generosity
  • The Medium of Generosity
  • Wealth and the Kingdom of God
  • Treasure in the Bank of Heaven
  • Poverty Gospel/Prosperity Gospel
  • The Blessing of Health and Prosperity

You will be amazed as you discover the secure, balanced positions that God’s Word has always taught on these important subjects. Then you will have the freedom to give joyfully and to receive abundantly God’s promised provisions of health and prosperity. Get ready for a revolution in your life and an amazing blessing!

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