Confessing the Hebrew Scriptures God Almighty Package (2036)

Confessing the Hebrew Scriptures God Almighty Package (2036)

Small Shofar Stand

This beautifully crafted wooden stand will display your shofar as a special keepsake and conversation piece. Made in the USA out of pine wood.

Miracle of Israel Blu-ray

The Miracle of Israel: How the Miraculous Story of Israel’s Restoration May Hold the Key to Our Future

The Miracle of Israel tells the story of the only nation in the history of the world that has maintained a national identity for centuries without a homeland. The documentary explores four ancient prophecies in light of modern events and highlights four miracles that are distinct threads of the fabric of the Jewish people’s survival and restoration.

Confessing the Hebrew Scriptures: El Shaddai, God Almighty (8702)

There is none like our God! When God revealed His name to Abraham as El Shaddai, God Almighty, He declared Himself the all-powerful, all-sufficient God. He is able to nurture us, meet our needs, and do the impossible. In this sixth edition in the Confessing the Hebrew Scriptures series – El Shaddai, God Almighty – you’ll meditate on inspiring verses describing our sustaining Almighty God. This encouraging volume contains Old and New Covenant verses written in English, Hebrew, and the transliteration from Hebrew. A CD including Scriptures spoken in Hebrew enables you to learn pronunciation and begin confessing the Hebrew Scriptures yourself. Discover the powerful promises of God and watch your faith grow as you confess His Word in the Lashon HaKodesh, the Holy Tongue of Hebrew.

Why Satan Hates the Jews

Anti-Semitism is known as “the oldest hatred.” We hear the tasteless, whispered jokes based on cultural clichés and stereotypes. We see it in the news in increasing degrees. The question is, “Why is anti-Semitism still with us?” In this powerful booklet, Rabbi Jonathan Bernis answers this question and explains the biblical history of when anti-Semitism began and why there is still such hatred toward the Jewish People today.

Oryx Shofar

Through the ages, the shofar has been used to call Jewish people to prayer, to announce holidays, in processions, as a musical accompaniment and even to signify the start of a war. We have obtained a very limited number of shofars made from the horn of the oryx—a large antelope from Africa. This shofar is a wonderful keepsake—and reminder of your sacrificial support to bless Israel and Jewish people around the world. These shofars are natural animal horns and therefore are one-of-a-kind with natural variations in color, texture, and/or finish. All have been tested to be functional before shipping. Size ranges between 22”–26” in length.