Christian Anti-Semitism Package

Christian Anti-Semitism Package

Christian Anti-Semitism, book by Dr. Michael L. Brown

The Jewish people and Israel have been described as “a dominant and moving force behind the present and coming evils of our day” and a group that seeks “the annihilation of almost every Gentile man, woman, and child and the establishment of a satanic Jewish-led global dictatorship.” What’s worse is that these comments were made by professing Christians! In Christian Antisemitism: Confronting the Lies in Today’s Church, respected Messianic Bible scholar Dr. Michael L. Brown documents shocking examples of modern “Christian” anti-Semitism and exposes the lies that support them. Carefully researched, this book shows that church-based anti-Semitism is no longer a thing of the past. Rather, a dangerous, shocking tide of “Christian” antisemitism has begun to rise. Dr. Brown shows you how to stem this tide now, confront everyday anti-Semitism in your life and become a champion for the people of Israel.

Why Satan Hates the Jews: The Spiritual Roots of Anti-Semitism, booklet by Jonathan Bernis

Anti-Semitism is known as “the oldest hatred.” We hear the tasteless, whispered jokes based on cultural clichés and stereotypes. We see it in the news in increasing degrees. The question is, “Why is anti-Semitism still with us?” In this powerful booklet, Rabbi Jonathan Bernis answers this question and explains the biblical history of when anti-Semitism began and why there is still such hatred toward the Jewish people today.

2022 Jewish Voice Wall Calendar

Plan your year on this inspiring wall calendar that tells the story of “The Lost Tribes of Israel” and the exciting ways you minister to them through partnering with Jewish Voice Ministries International. This 12-month calendar features beautiful photographs of the people and places helped by your support. Calendar pages identify biblical holidays as well as those for the U.S., Canada, U.K., and Israel. You’ll also find the corresponding Hebrew months, information about the Jewish holidays and an overview of JVMI’s work.