Blessings for Family and Friends

Dr. John Garr
Blessings for Family and Friends

Blessings for Family and Friends is a guide for laypersons for implementing the biblical practice of blessing in their own lives, in their families, and in their community relationship. Blessing has always been God's plan for humanity. Unfortunately, today's believers have been deprived of this part of the biblical legacy that was a significant part of the everyday lives of first-century Christians. This book will help you learn how to bless your family and community. As you do so, you will also find yourself being blessed abundantly with God's blessings. First, you experience vividly written details of the biblically rich Hebraic tradition of blessings. Then you learn blessings organized for specific occasions, blessings for family and friends that will revolutionize your life and enrich your personal experience with God. Each blessing is accompanied by history and explanation of its purposes.