A Rabbi Looks at the Supernatural - Package

A Rabbi Looks at the Supernatural - Package

A Rabbi Looks at the Supernatural, book by Jonathan Bernis (9207)

One of the most incredible things about our Almighty God, Creator of the universe, is that He wants to meet with His people. When He gave the Torah to Moses, God commanded Israel to observe seven annual feasts. In these “appointed times,” He called the Jewish people to connect with Him in very specific ways.

The Jewish feasts also hold much meaning for Gentile Believers. Explore the rich spiritual significance of each of the Fall Feasts and learn about the prophetic pictures of Yeshua (Jesus) contained in each one. You’ll discover the cohesive thread running through the Old and New Covenants and the special lessons that the Fall Feasts hold for you.


“A Rabbi Looks at the Supernatural,” Study Guide by Jonathan Bernis (9267)

Whether completed individually or in a group, this study guide will help you glean the most from Jonathan Bernis’ book “A Rabbi Looks at the Supernatural.” Thoughtful questions and insightful commentary on key points make this guide a must-have resource. Prayer journal pages follow each chapter’s questions, making this a resource you’ll want to keep and revisit. Discover the biblical truths about the supernatural and embrace the kind of life God desires for you as His child – a life filled with meaning, purpose and confidence in His love.


Pray for Jerusalem Mug 3124

It’s the first thing in the morning, and you reach into the cupboard for a mug to hold your coffee. Your eyes fall on your JVMI mug. “Pray for the peace of Jerusalem,” it says. “Yes, Lord,” you pray, “please protect Israel with peace, and bring the peace of Yeshua into the hearts of Your people.” It’s the middle of the afternoon and time for a cup of tea. On your desk you see the Jewish Voice logo on your mug, and you are reminded how your support of this ministry is making a difference in people’s lives around the world. Both functional and inspirational, this ceramic JVMI mug is white with navy blue rim and base. It holds 12 ounces, is 4” high, and bears the words of Psalm 122:6 “Pray for the peace of Jerusalem,” on one side and the JVMI logo on the other.


2020 Jewish Voice Wall Calendar 9657

The exclusive 2020 Jewish Voice wall calendar gives you a look inside the work you help make possible through your support of Jewish Voice Ministries International (JVMI). This 12-month calendar features breathtaking photographs of places where you make a difference and is also a prayer calendar. Each month highlights an aspect of JVMI’s ministry in Israel and around the world, listing a few prayer points to inspire your intercession for these ministries and the people they serve. The calendar notes U.S., Canada, U.K., Israel and biblical holidays. You’ll also find corresponding Hebrew months, information about the Jewish holidays and an overview of JVMI’s work.