A Rabbi Looks at the Last Days Package (2015)

A Rabbi Looks at the Last Days Package (2015)

Messianic Jewish Family Bible

The Messianic Jewish Family Bible is the first and only of its kind. This exciting new Bible translation unites Old and New Covenant with a consistent Hebraic perspective. Translated directly from the original Greek and Hebrew texts and vetted by some of the best and brightest Messianic theologians and scholars, the translation is true to its original Hebraic roots and idiom. This Bible introduces important Hebrew words that clarify scriptural meaning, restores names to their original Hebrew, and includes footnotes identifying Messianic prophecies as well as study notes written by Jonathan Bernis. Designed to be readable for the whole family, we’re sure you will enjoy the Messianic Jewish Family Bible. Bible is 9 and 3/8” by 6 and 1/2” with a bonded leather cover.

God's Plan For Israel (2 CD set)

Does God still have a plan for Israel and the Jewish People? In this CD teaching, Rabbi Jonathan Bernis applies Romans 9, 10, & 11 to provide a powerful and compelling look at God's eternal faithfulness to His Chosen People, Israel. Presenting scriptural evidence, “God’s Plan for Israel” is great for Bible studies, prayer groups, or personal study and will enlighten your understanding of the role of Jewish People in God’s End Times’ plan.

A Rabbi Looks at the Last Days Study Guide

Amplify your understanding of God's End-Time plans through the Study Guide to Jonathan Bernis' book A Rabbi Looks at the Last Days. Whether used for personal study or with a small group, this guide will enhance your learning experience and deepen the book's impact in your life. A brief Leader's Guide is also available in e-book form to all who order the Study Guide.

A Rabbi Looks at the Last Days

Few topics captivate our minds – or fill our hearts with fear – like the end times. In this book Jonathan Bernis comes with the perspective that is both startling and hopeful, unpacking the mysteries of this cryptic time and what it means for you. Bernis’ surprising insights, drawn from both Old and New Testaments, will challenge almost everything you thought you knew about the End Times, and show you how you can actually help usher in God’s kingdom.